About Us

Statesman Hats is owned by Mountcastle PTY LTD (Brisbane based). Mountcastle was established in 1835 (Australia’s oldest manufacturer & 3rd oldest registered company (just beaten by a bank & brewery!).    

Statesman Hats was est. 1972 in Western Australia. It was bought by Mountcastle in 1995. Since then, for almost 25 years Statesman Hats has always, as it did for generations and still today, embodied the authentic and diverse outback spirit. Rich in history.

The story of Stateman Hats continues its journey with the outback & cattleman community and most recently with the PBR of Australia – a timeless true-blue

Statesman Hats strives to provide an authentic Aussie experience, and we tip our hats to both the country folk on the red land and our brave bull rider legends in the making.

Statesman Hats are manufactured at our Australian owned and operated plants which are made by traditional handcraft and modern application from the finest Australian wools and Eastern European furs. We pride our quality and are always striving to make sure what you wear is heads above the rest. Our hats are made to last and are built to endure the harsh climate conditions we are so used to being subjected to.